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Rainy Kerwin is the award-winning, writer-director of the feature film, “The Wedding Invitation.” On its festival tour, the film racked up six wins, including Best Comedy, Best Screenplay & Best Actress. The film was distributed by Freestyle Releasing and was picked up by Amazon Prime. 

Rainy's in pre-production on the thriller "A Neighbor's Vendetta," which she is directing for MarVista Entertainment. She just completed "Assisted Suicide" which will make its festival debut later this year. 

Rainy is an actors’ director and loves working with talent. She’s directed and coached over 1000 actors in both comedy and drama. She honed her directing skills during eight years on staff at LA’s largest film & TV acting conservatory. Performance is paramount to Rainy. Through the lens, she captures rich frames, allowing her set locations and production design to play a character in her films. 

She is the founder of It’s Raining Films, the production company behind “The Wedding Invitation”. She’s a proud member of the Film Fatales and the Alliance of Women Directors.


"When I was three years old I started playing girls hockey. By the time I was 14, I was refereeing. I wasn't old enough to drive a car, but yet I was going toe-to-toe with disgruntled parents. Yeah, I think it was about then that I knew I would feel comfortable running a set. When I turned 18 I got on a Grey Hound (the bus, not the dog.) Four days later I was in LA." Welcome to Hollywood, baby. What's your dream?

"If we're not having a good time and laughing, we're doing it wrong. There's no better place in the world than being on set."

"I want to tell stories and make movies!" Try saying that to your 8th grade career counselor in Winnipeg... And just see what Mrs. Lupinsky comes up with.